Geneology for
Courchaines of NE Wisconsin
Oconto & Manitowoc Counties

Last Revision 1/20/07


As best as I can determine, it appears that three Courchaine brothers(Peter, Joseph, & John) and one sister(Sophia) emigrated to Wisconsin during the years 1845 through 1857 from St. Francois-du-Lac, Quebec, Canada. A fourth Courchaine, Henry, also emigrated during this time and from the same place. He has different parents. Peter and Joseph then moved with their families to Oconto County during the late 1870s or early 1880s. Henry & John and their families remained in Manitowoc County. See this page on the Oconto Genweb site about the migration of the French families from Manitowoc to Oconto town of Lena. (click here)

I have listed each of the above families as generation 1. Their children will be listed under generation 2. Many pieces of information are missing. I have only focused my research on those individuals with the Courchaine surname for these two generations. Other Courchaine names can be found throughout this area and time period. Especially Courchaines of Menomonee Indian decent. How they are connected to these families is still not known.

The initial information was obtained by viewing actual records at the Oconto & Manitowoc County court houses during the early 1990s. Much more information is now available on-line that I am just beginning to go through. Many thanks have to go to all the individuals that are working so hard putting this information on-line.

My information is referenced as follows:

Dates followed by [cert] indicate that I found a certificate for that event, either birth, death, or marriage.

Comments from the certificate are placed in ( …) parenthesis following the [cert]

Other information obtained from documents or on-line are followed with:
[2rvrlib ] information obtained at the Two Rivers WI Library. I have copies.
[manitowoc-genweb] information obtained from the Manitowoc GenWeb website.
[oconto-genweb ] information obtained from the Oconto GenWeb website.
[Canada] information was obtained from Camille Courchesne of Quebec Canada at

Camille’s information along with my g-g-grandfathers(Peter) obituary links the three Courchaine brothers that emigrated from St. Francois - du Lac Canada.

The sister, Sophia Courchaine, married a Louis Greenwood Boisvert. I have exchanged information with a descendent of Sophia. Her name is Roxanne Mikkelson and she can be reached at

A David(Chalk) Courchaine from Washington State has a significant amount of information on the Courchaine’s of Canada. This information traces the Courchaines back to the 1600’s when they first emigrated from France to Canada. He can be reached at

Information in the brackets { .. } was obtained from conversations with various individuals. See the end of each family page for names & addresses

I have copies of selective records from the Diocese of Green Bay. They are all in French and have not been translated.

Comments. Suggestions, Corrections should be sent to: Dolph Courchaine (grandson to Peter Dominic Courchaine) (314) 835-9760

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Peter Courchaine Joseph Courchaine John Courchaine Sophia Courchaine Henry Courchaine

Misc. notes

The following data is on the Manitowoc GenWeb site and can not be definitively associated with any of the individual families in generation 1. Some spellings are close but not exact. They may even be un-related. Viewing the actual records may help in placing them somewhere.

1855 State Census Index [Centerville][Cooperstown][Eaton] [Kossuth][City of Manitowoc][Manitowoc] [Manitowoc Rapids][Maple Grove][Meeme][Mishicot][Newton][Two Rivers] Cato, Franklin, Gibson, Liberty(or Buchannan), Rockland, Schleswig, and Two Creeks(Rowley) were not separated as townships in 1855. For additional information on the formation of these towns, see the Town History Page This was on the mishicot page CAUSHEIME, P. Page 92 This was on the Two Rivers Page. CUSHANE, HENRY Page 27 from pre-1907 births page Mary M Couchnet Birth Date: 14 Jul 1891 Reel: 0118 Record: 002195 Elenor L Cuchane Birth Date: 06 Feb 1886 Reel: 0117 Record: 001449 from marriage index 'C' COURCHAINE: Eugenie Marriage Date: 06 Oct 1873 Vol:02 Page:0247 Vol:A Sequence:04562 to: GAGNON: Jonas Marriage Date: 06 Oct 1873 Vol:02 Page:0247 Vol:A Sequence:04561 COURCHAINE: Jessie Marriage Date: 14 Jun 1880 Vol:03 Page:0029 Vol:A Sequence:04732 to: GAUTHIER: Joseph Marriage Date: 14 Jun 1880 Vol:03 Page:0029 Vol:A Sequence:04731 COURCHENE: Thomas E Marriage Date: 11 Nov 1897 Vol:04 Page:0525 Vol:B Sequence:00795 to: Florence Eva Morse Marriage Date: 11 Nov 1897 Vol:04 Page:0525 Vol:B Sequence:03708 from the: PRE-1907 DEATHS COURTHOUSE PRE-1907 DEATH INDEX Manitowoc County, Wisconsin These are the ones from the courthouse that are not in with the other pre-1907 deaths. A - part of K are on the microfiche pre-1907 pages. On these pages, A-J are from vol. 1, part of K and L-Z are from all volumes. COUCHAINE: Maria............May 07, 1875 *same name, 1 May, 1875, vol.2, p.114 COURCHAINE: Ephr.............Jul. 30, 1884 *Ephrem, same dt., vol.3, p.139 Henry............Mar. 05, 1894 *same, vol.4, p.207 Mary.............Jan. 12, 1905 Cem.#63, Mary Ann, same date *Mary Courchane, same dt, vol.7, p.297 from: Marriages for Manitowoc County, Cross-Indexed] (Includes Newspaper Articles and Links to Biographies) COURCHAINE: Joseph m: 27 Feb. 1906 (co. mar. index. v.7 p.426) to: Louise Filliez from cemetary listings: CALVARY CEMETERY City of Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin COUCHANE: [Unk]-[Liston Courchane/bur. 02-11-1922] INDEX FOR "EARLY MANITOWOC HISTORY" by JOHN HARMON John Harmon wrote a series of articles for the Herald Times Reporter. This is the index to the book that was printed with the articles in it. The book is in the Manitowoc Public Library and can be ordered through the interlibrary loan. Courchene 104
End of Notes from Manitowoc GenWeb
[oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births]           Courchane Edward J 26 Sep 1904 0221 002416         Caroline Caurchane 99 Sep 1884 02 0167 N 08419 [oconto-genweb: deaths pre 1907:         N M  Cochrane        26 May 1889     01 0115 101 1037 01 064054         F    Courchain       15 Nov 1894     01 0222 101 1568 01 069046
End of Notes from Oconto GenWeb