Generation 1 : Family of Joseph Courchaine & Virginia Boisvert

Husband: Joseph Courchaine Birth: 1/2/1841 [Canada] St. Francois du Lac Canada [manitowoc-genweb: DECLARATION OF INTENT LIST Name Country Birth Port of Date of Date of of Origin date Entry Entry Filing COURCHENE: Joseph...........Canada.......1841...Two Rivers,...1864 Oct....1866 Nov 26 Wisconsin Death: Father: Pierre Courchaine Mother: Catherine Joyal Marriage: 4/2/1865 [cert] [manitowoc-genweb: from microfiche marriages index 'C'] COUCHAINE: Joseph Marriage Date: 02 Apr 1865 Vol:03 Page:0019 Vol:A Sequence:02455 to: Virginia Baisver Marriage Date: 02 Apr 1865 Vol:03 Page:0019 Vol:A Sequence:02456 Wife: Virginia Boisvert (Jane) Birth: ~ 1850 Death: 6/31/1894 [cert] (Age 44 years) (Maple Valley) (spouse: Joseph)
Children ………. 1. M. Child: Joseph Birth: 3/18/1867 [manitowoc-genweb] Death: 6/19/1910 [cert] (age 44 years, 2mos, 2 days) (Little River) (blood poisoning) (Burial: Lena) Marriage: 7/16/1889 [cert] (St. Peters Church Oconto, WI Spouse: Mary Carriveau Click here to see Joseph & Mary family's page 2. M Child: William (this child might be mis-placed. see 1870 census below) Birth: 3/2/1867 [cert] (two rivers)(registered, 4/21/1880) (mother: Johanna) [manitiowoc-genweb: births pre-1907: William Couchaine Birth Date: 02 Mar 1867 Reel: 0115 Record: 002571] Death: Marriage: 8/18/1902 [cert] (Little River WI) (spouse parents: Frank & Mary Schmidt) Spouse: Mary Schmidt Click here to see William & Mary family's page 3. F Child: Mary Rose Birth: 12/30/1868 [cert] (Mishicott) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births Mary R Courschaine Birth Date: 30 Dec 1868 Reel: 0116 Record: 002246] Death: [manitowoc-genweb: Town of Two Rivers District Schools Newspaper Excerpts listing students of Two Rivers Schools May 11, 1875 School Report The following pupils were present every day during the month of April FOURTH DEPARTMENT Whole number enrolled, 128 .... Rosa Couschaine ....... Marriage: 5/14/1884 [cert] (name Rosalyn) (spouse parents: Peter Levin & Angil Begun) Spouse: Andre Levine 4. M. Child: Francis (Saffoid ??) Birth: 11/6/1870 [cert] (Two Rivers WI) (registered 4/21/1880) [Manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Francis Couchaine Birth Date: 06 Nov 1870 Reel: 0115 Record: 002812] Death Marriage: 8/16/1893 [cert] (St. Peters)(name= Saffoid) (spouse parents: Pierre Lenneville & Sofie Oret) Spouse: Carrolyn Lenneville click here to see Francis & Carrolyn family's page 5. F Child: Emma Birth: 4/15/1874 [cert] (Two Rivers) (registered 4/21/1880) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Emma Couchaine Birth Date: 18 Apr 1874 Reel: 0115 Record: 002973] Death: Marriage: 10/24/1892 [cert] (St. Peter’s Oconto) (spouse parents: Louis Duprey & Celestin Beirley) Spouse: Louis Joseph Duprey 6. M. Child: Leonard Birth: 3/5/1878 [cert] (Two Rivers) (registered 4/21/1880) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births Leonard Couchaine Birth Date: 05 Mar 1876 Reel: 0116 Record: 000037] Death Marriage 7. F Child: Ophedia Birth: Death: Marriage: 5/13/1889 [cert] (Two Rivers) (Witness (Sigphoid?? Courchaine) (parents: late, Moise Bourassa & Marie Selacl) Spouse: Phillip Bourassa of Canada 8: F. Child: Catherine Birth: Death: Marriage: 7/16/1907 [cert](spouse parents:Louis Dupuse & Celeline Bandig) Spouse: Oliver Dupuse 9. M Child: Gauven Birth Death Marriage: 6/12/1900 [cert] Spouse: Carrie Zaruba

The births of William & Joseph need to be validated. They are listed as 16 days apart. Although Williamis listed with a mother of Johanna. Maybe they are half brothers. Their other certificates put them together as having the same parents and all registered on the same date of 4/21/1870.

Leonard's birth certificate needs to be validated. My notes and the genweb are 2 years apart

[manitowoc-genweb] 1870 TAX ROLL OF VILLAGE OF TWO RIVERS From the Two Rivers City records, located at the Office of the Assessor, Two Rivers City Hall. BLOCK LOT NAME 4 4 COURCHANE, H. 12 1 COURCHANE, H. 1 15 COURCHANE, Joseph




dwelling no.

family no.Persons living in family on the 1st day of June 1870agesex occupationr.e. val.pers. prop. val.born
1526104111Joseph Croshan32MLaborer--700Canada
1527104111Jane Croshan21FKeeps House----Canada
1528104111Joseph Croshan3M------Wisconsin
1529104111Rose Croshan1F------Wisconsin