Generation 1 : Family of Peter Courchaine & Leonora Regnier

Husband: Peter Courchaine aka Pierre Courchesne Birth: 12/22/1822 [Canada] St. Francois du Lac [manitowoc-genweb] DECLARATION OF INTENT LIST Click here to see document Name Country Birth Port of Date of Date of of Origin date Entry Entry Filing COURCHENE: Peter............Canada.......1823...Green Bay,....1845 Jun....1849 Apr 02 Wisconsin Death: 6/11/1916, [cert] (Age 98 yrs, 1 month, 3 days) (burial: Lena) (d.o.b.: 5/11/18 in Canada) (cause: general artial schlirosis w/synillity) (spouse: widowed) (informant: Maggie Larme) obituary from [2rvlib] Click here to see document Father: Pierre Courchesne [Canada] Mother: Catherine Joyal [Canada] Marriage: 2/7/1853 [2rvrlib] ( Mishicott) ( John Branner, Cath. Priest) (Witness, Mr. Eusebe Seilair, Miss Doris Berubais) Click here to see document [manitowoc-genweb: Marriages for Manitowoc County, Cross-Indexed] COURTCHENE: Peter res: Mishicot m: 7 Feb. 1853 To: Leonora Regnier Wife: Leonora Regnier Birth: abt 1831 [manitowoc-genweb:1870 Census, see below] Death: Father: Mother:
Children….. 1. M Child: Peter Birth: abt 1854 [manitowoc-genweb:1870 Census, see below] Death: Spouse 1: Marriage 1: 2. M Child: Mike(Maximus)(magloine?) A baptismal record for Mike’s son Peter Dominic confirmed the usage of both names Mike & Maximus. The Magloine name is from a marriage certificate with Rosa Delavia Berube. This could be a different person. Birth: ~4/17/1855 Death: 8/20/1931 [cert] (Age 76 yrs, 4 mo, 3 days) (Little River) (cerbral hemorage)(Burial: Lena, WI) (spouse: Barbara Host) (informant: Francis Courchaine) Spouse 1: Rosa Delavia Berube (Philamene Berube) Marriage 1: 6/10/1884 [cert] (Maple Valley) (spouse parents: Peter Burbe & Philomene Roya) Spouse 2: Lucie Lungren Spouse 3: Barbara Host Click here to see Mike & Philamene family's page 3. M Child: Joseph Birth: abt 1858 [manitowoc-genweb:1870 Census, see below] Death: Spouse 1: Marriage 1:4. F Child: Julia Birth: abt 1860 [manitowoc-genweb:1870 Census, see below] Death: Spouse 1: Marriage 1: 5. M Child: Dominic Birth: ~1863 Death: 1/21/1870 [cert] (Age 6 years)(Burial: Cath. Cemetary, Mishicott) [manitowoc-genweb: from pre-1907 deaths index] COURCHAINE: Dommie........Jan. 21, 1870 *Dominic, same dt., vol.3, p.83 6. F. Child: Mary (Mrs Alex Warrington, see comment below) Birth: 9/21/1869 [cert] (Mishicott) (registered 4/16/1883 ??) (father: Peter, farmer) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Mary E Courchaine Birth Date: 12 Sep 1869 Reel: 0116 Record: 002277] Death: Marriage: Spouse:7. F Child: Emily Birth: abt 1869 [manitowoc-genweb:1870 Census, see below] Death: Spouse 1: Marriage 1:

{From a conversation with my paternal Aunt; She states she remembers (during the 1960’s) my father and herself taking their father (Peter Dominic) to visit his Aunt Mary who was married to an Indian. She said Aunt Mary was wheel chair bound at the time. Peter(Pierre’s) obituary of 1916 states that a sister Mrs Alex Warrington was living in Keshena. This being the town on the Menomonee Indian reservation of Menomonee County, WI.}

1900 Census states that Peter & Leonora had 9 Children and 5 were living

Other Documents found with information on Peter Courchaine Homestead Certificate Mortgage Certificate [manitowoc-genweb: Index to Plat Maps 1872, 1878, 1893] Town of Mishicott [ C ] 1872 1878 1893 CUCHAIN: F.W.........9 Jos.........6 P...........6 COUTION: CLOIDA: {** The 1872 listing could be for Peter. **}




dwelling no.

family no.Persons living in family on the 1st day of June 1870 agesexoccupationr.e. val.pers. prop. val.born
1721116116Peter Croshave39MFarmer1000375Canada
1722116116Lena Croshave39FKeeps House----Canada
1723116116Peter Croshave16MFarm Laborer----Wisconsin
1724116116Machael(sic) Croshave14MFarm Laborer----Wisconsin
1725116116Joseph Croshave12M------Wisconsin
1726116116Julia Croshave10F------Wisconsin
1727116116Mary Croshave4F------Wisconsin
1728116116Emily Croshave10/12F------Wisconsin

This information was taken directly from the Manitowoc Web site and followed immediately after the family of Louis & Sophia Greenwood.  Sophia was the sister to Peter.