Generation 1 : Family of John Courchaine & Mary Agnus Gagnon

Husband: John Courchaine aka Jean Courchesne Birth: 12/11/1838 [canada] 10/11/1837 [mannitowoc-genweb:cemetary listing] manitowoc-genweb: DECLARATION OF INTENT LIST Name Country Birth Port of Date of Date of of Origin date Entry Entry Filing COUCHIAN: John.............Canada.......1857...Detroit.......1857 Mar....1891 Mar 04 {I have a copy of this document. The D.O.B. on the index is wrong. It says born in the year 1839} Death: 6/27/1919 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] Father: Pierre Courchesne Mother: Catherine Joyal Marriage: 7/4/1864 [manitowoc-genweb: marriages] Wife: Mary Agnus Gagnon Birth: 5/18/1844 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] Death: 1/12/1905 [cert] (age 61 years) (Cerbral hemmorage, 1 yr) (spouse: John) Father: Joseph Gagnon of Canada [from mary's death cert] Mother: Marian Gagnon [from mary's death cert] click here to see Mary Ann's family in 1850 census of Manitowoc County
Children………… 1. F Child: Maria Birth: 4/25/1865 [cert] (Two Rivers)(registered: 4/21/1880) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Maria A Couchain Birth Date: 25 Apr 1865 Reel: 0115 Record: 002488] Death: Marriage: Spouse: 2. M Child: John J Birth: 8/14/1867 [Cert] (Two Rivers) (registered 4/21/1880) (father: Joseph ???need to verify?) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: John J Couchaine Birth Date: 14 Aug 1867 Reel: 0115 Record: 002595] Death: Marriage: Spouse: 3. F. Child: Agnus M. Birth: 2/16/1870 [cert] (Two Rivers) (registered: 4/21/1880) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Agnes M Couchaine Birth Date: 06 Feb 1870 Reel: 0115 Record: 002765 Death: Marriage:1/12/1904 [cert] (name Ruby Agnus) (Mishicott) (spouse parents; John & Mary Ann Gagnon) Spouse: Peter Gagnon 4. F. Child: Joseph Birth: 1874 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] Death: 1942 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] Marriage: 2/27/1906 [cert] (spouse parents; Charles & Theresa) (in Mishicott) Spouse: Louise Felliz/1880-1948 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings]
[manitowoc-genweb: Marriages for Manitowoc County, Cross-Indexed] (Includes Newspaper Articles and Links to Biographies) COURCHAINE: John From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Maple Sugar Stock and Grain Farm. Born in Canada in 1838. Wife born in Canada 1844. Maried in 1864. Four children. Post Office, Mishicot; Section 27, Gibson Township. [manitowoc-genweb: HOLY CROSS II & MISHICOT PUBLIC CEMETERY Mishicot Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin COURCHAINE: [3-4-18-1]-John J./1916-1973, ossw: [3-4-18-2]-Marcella/1917-____ [3-4-18-5]-Louise/1880-1948/Mother [3-4-18-6]-[Joseph Courchaine/b. 1874/d. 1942] John 0./Courchaine/born/0ct. 11, 1837/died/June 27, 1919, ossw: Mary Ann/Courchaine/born/May 18, 1844/died/Jan. 12, 1905, Footstones: Mother, Father {** John J assumed to be grandchildren of John O. Joseph assumed to be son of John O. **} [Manitowoc-genweb: 1901-1902 Manitowoc County Residents] From Schmidt's Directory, 1901-1902 Courchaine John, 27, Gibson, Mishicott, (89). [manitowoc-genweb: ZORN'S RURAL ROUTES DIRECTORY 1905 MANITOWOC COUNTY Names of persons receiving mail along the routes in alphabetical order Courchaine Joe, Mishicott R 1 Courchaine John,* Mishicott R 1 [manitowoc-genweb: Index to Plat Maps 1872, 1878, 1893] Town of Gibson [ C ] 1872 1878 1893 COURCHAIN: J...........27 COURCHAINE: COCHAIN: John........26,27 J...........27 {** Go to the manitowoc-genweb web site and you can view a good image of the 1872 plat map in PDF format. Click on the bottom half image of Gibson Township and look at section 27. **} Click here to see the 1878 Gibson Map



pglinedwell.fam.Persons living in
family on June 24, 1880
occupation bornfather bornmother born
1640141143John CochainM40--M----CanadaCanadaCanada
1641141143Marianne CochainF38WifeM----CanadaCanadaCanada
1642141143Agnes CochainF10DaughterS----WisconsinCanadaCanada
1643141143Joseph CochainM6SonS----WisconsinCanadaCanada