Peter Dominic Courchaine's Page.  1887 - 1970

I obtained the following pictures from the family of Richard & Violet Courchaine.  Richard is Peter's oldest son.

Peter Dominic Courchaine was raised in Oconto County Wisconsin He joined the navy during World War I and received a discharge when he contracted tuberculosis. He married Veronica Landmesser in 1919.  He and Veronica raised 5 children during the 1920s and the 1930s.  Peter and Vera homesteaded a farm in Winner South Dakota for brief period before moving back to Northern Wisconsin to raise their five children.  They initially farmed in Rib Lake Wisconsin before moving to there farm in Whittlesey (north of Medford) and finally retired to Abbotsford Wisconsin.

This picture was made into a post card and has writing by Peter on it .  See below. Peter joined the navy during World War I.

The next picture was of Peter and his Navy unit ( I assume).  Someone wrote the initial's PC on Peter (far left).

The next picture of Peter also had his writing on the reverse.  It must have been taken after his Navy tour and while he was courting Veronica. Peter did not have the best grammer.

It reads: Miss Vera, Good by from your true friend Peter Courchine. Good by by.


This picture is of Peter and his young family during a trip.  I need to validate where and when it took place.  I assume it was taken in the 1920s.   Peter is on the far left sticking his head out. Next is Wife Vera, daughter Phyllis, and son Allan.  The boy on the outside is son Richard.

Here is another picture of Peter with writing on the back.  I need more information on this one.  Peter looks quite a bit older.

It looks to read as follows:

This is my team and my self and my team of horse standing on good groun dey dont look badly. I will be ther satday kight, good by by PC


The next picture has writing by Richard Courchaine on it. It as taken in 1945 and  was sent to Richard's special friend  (Violet) in England.  Richard a veteran of World War II met Violet in England while stationed there.  His story is quiet fascinating unto itself.  I will provide some links and more information at a later time.

 Peter is on the far right.  The boy in the center (Joie) with the sailor hat is the author's father.

hand writing on back by Richard Courchaine

The next 2 pictures are of Peter in the 1950s.  He took a trip from Wisconsin to South Dakota to visit Richard & Vi and there family. After World War II Richard moved with his new English 'war bride' to Rapid City South Dakota.  The first picture is with Violet, her two daughters and her sister's two children.  The second picture is of Vi's sister Margaret and the same four children.  Vi's sister 'Aunt Marg' and her husband Len moved from England to be near Marg's sister Vi.

 The next picture is of Peter's wife Veronica in later years. Veronica, my grandmother, was one hardy, warm, and special person.  She lived until she was 98 years old.  Born into a Polish immigrant family in Chicago Illinois.  She read polish newspapers and sent care packages back to relatives in Poland throughout her life. 



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