Generation 2: Family of William Courchaine & Mary Schmidt

Husband: William Courchaine Birth: ~1867 Death: Father: Joseph Courchaine Mother: Viginia Boisvert Marriage: 8/18/1902 [cert] (Little River WI) (spouse parents: Frank & Mary Schmidt) Wife: Mary Schmidt Birth: ~1887 Death: 2/14/1926 [cert] (age 39 years) (broncio pneumonia 14 days) (Burial: 2/16/1926 Lena)(informant: William) Father: Frank Schmidt from Europe [from Mary's death cert.] Mother: Mary Ricidof ??? [from Mary's death cert.]
Children . 1. ? Child: Ovide (Audry) William Birth: 6/16/1903 [cert] (Oconto City)(mother: Mary Smith of Oconto) (father: William of Lena) Death: 7/29/1904 [cert] (Oconto) (Age 1 year 1 month 11 days; birth 6/13/1903) (deulitim leumulis)(burial: Cath. Cem.) (mother: Mary Smith)(name: Audry William) [oconto-genweb: deaths pre 1907] Audre W Courchere 27 Jul 1904 01 0514 102 0218 02 069055 2. M. Child: William Birth: ~1905 Death: {killed by boom in the 1940s} Marriage: 9/16/1924 [cert] (Oconto) (witness Dorothy Courchaine) (spouse parents; Wilfred Noel & Mary Bunker) Spouse: Eva Noel 3. F. Child: Dorothy May Elizabeth Birth: 4/5/1908 [cert] (Little River) (mother: Mary Smith, 20 yrs old) (father:william, 27 yrs) Death: Marriage: Spouse: {Arthur Plude} 4. M. Child: Lawrence Ambros(Amos) Birth: 12/2/1910 [cert] (Little River) (4th child , 3 living) (mother: Mary Schmidt of Little River, 23 yrs) (father: William of Little River, 29 yrs) Death: Marriage: 1/23/1930 [cert] (Oconto)(spouse parents: Henry & Vivian) Spouse: Lucille Dunk 5. F. Child: Ruby Agnus Mary Birth: 3/25/1913 [cert] (Little River) (5th child 4 living) (mother: Mary Smith, 26 yrs) (father: William, 32 yrs) Death: Marriage: Spouse: 6. F. Child: Carolyn Sofia Birth: 11/15/1914 [cert] (Little River) (5th Child 5 living ???) (mother: mary, 27 yrs)(father: William, 33yrs) Death: 3/12/1923 [cert] (Age 8 yrs 3 mos 20 days) (Lena) (multiple arthitis) (mother: Mary Smith)(informant: William) (burial: 3/4/1923, Lena) 7. M Child: Joseph Birth: 8/13/1916 6:45am [cert] (Little River) (7th child) (mother: mary, 29 yrs)(father: William, 35 yrs) Death: 8/19/1916 [cert] (Age 6 days) (pulminary) (Burial: 8/21 or 9/4??) (burial: Lena)(informant: William)(mother: Mary Smith) 8. M. Child: Joseph William Birth: 1/25/1918 [cert] (Little River) (8th child 6 living) (mother: mary, 30 yrs)(father: William, 36yrs) Death: 1/25/1918 [cert] (cause: not known no medical attendent at birth) (age: 2 hours)(mother: Mary Smith)(burial:Lena) (informant: William) 9. F. Child: Rosemary Virginia Birth: 7/21/1919 [cert] (notes: 9th child 6 living) (mother: mary, 33 yrs)(father: William, 38yrs) Death: Marriage: Spouse: 10. ? Child: Infant Birth: 8/10/1921 Death: 8/10/1921 [cert] (Lena) (stillborn) (burial: Lena)(informant: William) (mother: Mary Smith)

{Notes were from a conversation I had with a Bernie Courchaine and his wife whom we met in the early 1990s in Milwaukee WI. They lived in the Oconomowoc area and came to our house in Mequon for a visit. Bernie is the son of Lawerence Courchaine}