Generation 2: Family of Joseph Courchaine & Mary Carriveau

Husband: Joseph Courchaine Birth: 3/18/1867 [manitowoc-genweb: Births pre-1907: Joseph Couchaine Birth Date: 18 Mar 1867 Reel: 0115 Record: 002568] [manitowoc-genweb: Town of Two Rivers District Schools Newspaper Excerpts listing students of Two Rivers Schools AUGUST 27, 1878 OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS Report of Annual Examinations and Class Promotions of the Public Schools of Two Rivers, for the year ending July 3, 1878. To the Board of Education of the City of Two Rivers: Gentlemen: The annual examinations of the school under my charge were made during the last two weeks of the school year, with the following results: The whole number of pupils present for examination was as follows: Dep't No. 1, High School...........23 " " 2, Grammar...............28 " " 3, 21 Intermediate.......45 " " 4, 1st Intermediate......43 " " 5, Primary...............63 " " 6, Kindergarten..........89 Total...............291 Room No. 4 - 1st Intermediate Department Miss Etta Shove, Teacher Pupils present for examination: 43 "A" Grade 23, "B" Grade 20. No exceptions to promotion of the "A" Grade. Of the "B" Grade there are four pupils who have also completed the work of the "A" Grade, and are fully competent to pass with that grade to the next room. The "A" Grade, with said four pupils from the "B" Grade, will be promoted to room No. 3, and the remainder of the "B" Grade becomes the "A" Grade. The four pupils taken from the "B" Grade are: Stella Suettinger Minnie Kahlfuss Charles Miller Branie Niquette "A" Grade "B" Grade Sophia Bebeau Lillie Rhode Stella Suettinger Willie Voshardt Denise Bebeau Aug. Stockmeyer Minnie Kahlfuss Daniel Cayo Agive Bebeau Oscar Stockmeyer Charles Miller Harrie Hogan Emma Wiemann Frank Klinder Branie Niquette Frankie Harrington Lizzie Wilker Richard Krause Anna Nottage Josie Eggers Clara Reimers Max Buhse Clara Hallauer Francis Lafond Sena Hendrickson Joseph Courchaine Rica Miller Ephie Pilon Minnie Bohte Schiller Rhode Mary Lenhardt Frank Bunn Mary Niquette Eddie Pilon Louisa Langlois Henry Cole Mary Wood August Leet Ida Kahlfuss Eddie Dionne Mary Schorm H. VanNostrand Stena Nelson _______________ Death: 6/19/1910 [cert] (age 44 years, 2mos, 2 days) (Little River) (blood poisoning) (Burial: Lena) (d.o.b. 4/16/1866) Father: Joseph Courchaine Mother: Virginia Boisvert (Greenwood) Marriage: 7/16/1889 [cert] (St. Peters Church Oconto) Wife: Mary Carriveau of Little River Birth: 1874 ?? Death: 1928 ?? Father: Frank Carraveu (from Joe& Mary marriage cert) Mother: Mary Rose Baule???(from Joe& Mary marriage cert)
Children 1. F Child: Virginia??(from other sibling birth certificates) Birth: 2/20/1892 [cert] (Oconto) (no name: baby) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchaine 20 Feb 1892 0220 001541 Death Marriage: 6/17/1909 (from Peggy Pederson notes) Spouse: Mario Archibald (from Peggy Pederson notes) 2. M. Child: Francis Joseph Birth: 5/22/1894 [cert] (Oconto) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchaine Francis J 22 May 1894 0220 001689 Death: Marriage: 9/21/1915 [cert] (Lena) (spouse parents; Mike Courchaine & Barbara Host) Spouse: Uciel Esprement 3. M. Child: Edward Birth: 8/17/1895 [cert] (name : White Male) (Oconto) (father: Joseph of Kewaunee) (mother:Mary Carriveau of Oconto)(both french) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchanie 17 Aug 1895 0220 002066 Death: 2/27/1935 [cert] (age 39 yrs 6 mos 10 days) (bronchio pnumonia) (informant: Henry Doyle)(burial: Oconto, 3/2/1935) (spouse: Catherine) Marriage: 11/10/1923 [cert] (parents: John Doyle & Elizabeth McLean??) (Edward 28yrs) (Kathryn 40 yrs) Spouse : Katherine Doyle 4. F. Child: Leona Mary Birth: 12/5/1896 [cert] (Little River) (color: light cowflicka) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchaine Leona M 05 Dec 1896 0220 002443 Death: Marriage: 11/7/1916 (from Peggy Pederson Notes) Spouse: Edward Fortune (from Peggy Pederson notes) 5. M. Child: Patrick Birth: ~ March 1899 Death: 4/23/1900 [cert] (age 14 months 6 days) (pneumonia, whooping cough) 6. F. Child: Evelyn Birth: 1/31/1902 [cert](Oconto city) (others: Virginia 12yrs, Francis 8 yrs, Edward 7 yrs,Leona 5 yrs) (father: Joseph of Manitowoc) (mother:Mary Carriveau of Oconto) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchaine Evelyn 31 Jul 1902 0221 001365 Death: Marriage: 7. M. Child: Joseph F Birth: 7/21/1905 [cert] (Lena) (Baptized: St. Charles) Death: Marriage 1: 6/2/1926 [cert] (Oconto) (Joseph: Truck Driver) (Grace: School Teacher) (spouse parents: Edward Hausman & Ellen Dhondt) Spouse: Grace Hausman
Marriage 2: 5/22/?? [cert] (witness: Aug. Courchaine) Spouse 2: Matilda Brouchard; (from Switzerland??)

Peggy Pederson, 2512 E. Lieg Ave, Shawano WI 54166 (715) 526-6034 grandaughter to Laurence Courchaine; daughter to Linda (Courchaine) Busch; mailed me some hand written information on this family. I have noted that information where appropriate. Peggy was introduced to me from a visit with Bernie Courchaine(see the William & Mary family notes section)