Generation 2: Family of Francis Courchaine & Carrolyn Lenneville

Husband: Francis (Seffoid ??) Courchaine Birth: 11/6/1870 [cert] (Two Rivers) (registered 4/21/1880) Death Father: Joseph Courchaine Mother: Virginia Boisvert Marriage: 8/16/1893 [cert] (St. Peters)(name= Saffoid) (spouse parents: Pierre Lenneville & Sofie Oret) Wife: Carrolyn Lenneville (from Superior MI) Birth: Death: Father: Pierre Lenneville Mother: Sofie Oret??
Children 1. M. Child: Francis Joseph Birth: 6/7/1894 [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Francis J Couchaine Birth Date: 07 Jun 1874 Reel: 0115 Record: 002990 Death: 2. F. Child: Eva Rosa Birth: ~ 1895 Death: Marriage: Spouse: 3. M. Child: John Theodore Birth: ~ 1896 ?? Death: ~ 1916 ?? 4. M. Child: Peter William Birth: 3/30/1900 12:15 am [cert] (Lena) (other siblings: Frank, John, Eva) (mother: Carrie Lennevile of Superior MI) (born with cleft lip) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchanie Peter W 30 Mar 1900 0221 000509 Death: Marriage: Spouse: 5. M. Child: Treffly Louis Birth: 2/27/1902 [cert](mother: Carrie Lennevile of Lake Superior)(Lena) (other siblings: Eva Rosa, Jonnie, Theodore, Joseph, Frank, Peter William) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchine Treffley L 27 Feb 1902 0221 001463 Death: Marriage: Spouse: 6. F. child: Emma E. Birth: 2/19/1904 2:00am [cert] (Lena)(mother: Carrie Lenneville of Oconto) (father: Frank of Two Rivers) (other siblings: Rosa, John, Francis, Joseph, Peter William, Treffley Louis) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchane Emma C 19 Feb 1904 0221 002249 Death: 11/30/1918 [cert] (dyptheria) (Burial; Lena WI) (informant: Frank) 7. M. Child: Adolph Joseph Birth: 6/14/1906 [cert] (mother: Carrie Lennevile of Superior MI) (other siblings: Eva, John, Frank, William, Treffley, Emma) [oconto-genweb: pre-1907 births] Courchane Adolph J 14 Jun 1906 0222 000577 Death: Marriage: Spouse: 8. F. Child: Jessie Birth: 6/7/1908 [cert] (Lena) (8th born 8th living) (mother:Carrie Lenaville of Lena, 32 yrs) (father: Frank of Lena, 37 yrs) Death: Marriage: Spouse: 9. ? Child Birth: Death: Marriage: Spouse: 10. F. Child: Idella Birth: 3/14/1913 [cert] (Lena) (10th child 10th living) (mother:Carrie Leneville of Lena, 49 yrs) (father: Frank of Lena, 42 yrs) Death: Marriage: Spouse:

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