Generation 2: Family of Edmond Courchaine & Jeenie Russet

Husband: Edmond(Edward) Birth: 1858 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] [2rvrlib] (City of Two Rivers 1st Ward Alderman 1893-1896) Death: 11/10/1898 [cert] (Age 40 years 10 mos)(Fish Dealer) (Apoploxy 3 months)(Spouse: Florence Eva) [manitowoc-genweb: from pre-1907 deaths index COURCHEAN: Edwid............Nov. 10, 1898 Cem.#89B, Edmond Courchene, same year *Edward Courchene, same dt., vol.6, p.135 COURCHENE: Edmond...........Nov. 10, 1898 Cem.#89B, same name, same year *same, vol.6, p.106 Father: Henry Courchaine Mother: Margorette (Triolette or Vielette) Marriage: 8/22/1887 [cert] (day laborer) (lived in Ill. ???) Wife: Jeenie Russett Birth: 1868 [Manitowoc-GenWeb: cemetary listings] Death: 1896 [Manitowoc-Genweb: cemetary listings] Father: Stephen Russett [from marriage cert.]
Children .. 1. M Child: Harvey Birth: 12/15/88 [cert] (Two Rivers) (mother: Jeenie from Kusset IL.) (father: Edwin, of Two Rivers, day laborer) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Harvey E Courchaine Birth Date: 15 Dec 00 Reel: 0118 Record: 000490 Death: 1913 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] Marriage: Spouse: 2. F Child: Celestin Birth: 3/30/1890 [cert] (Two Rivers) (mother: Eugina) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Celestin Courchane Birth Date: 30 Mar 1890 Reel: 0118 Record: 001475 Death: Marriage: Spouse: 3. M. Child: Edmond E. Birth: 1892 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] Death: Jul. 1973 1892 [manitowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] Marriage: Spouse: 4. F. Child: Genovea Anita Birth: 4/13/1893 [cert] (Two Rivers) (mother: genoveva) (Harvey, Edw., Siston, Henry, Edmond, Carl) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: Genoveva R Courchaine Birth Date: 20 Apr 1893 Reel: 0119 Record: 000678 Death: Marriage: Spouse: 5. M. Child: John Randolph Birth: 1/29/1896 [cert] (Two Rivers) (mother: Johanna Russett) (father: Edmund, fisherman from Ibidin) (Other Reatives: Harvey, Edmond,Siston,Henry,Carl, Edward,Genovia, Ruth) [manitowoc-genweb: pre 1907-births: John R Courchene Birth Date: 29 Jan 1896 Reel: 0119 Record: 002844 Death: 9/2/1896 [cert] (Age 7 months) (cholora influenza) [manitowoc-genweb: from pre-1907 deaths index] John R...........Sep. 02, 1896 *John Randolph, same dt., vol.5 p.1

[maniowoc-genweb: cemetary listings] CALVARY CEMETERY City of Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin COURCHENE: [COURCHAINE on City Record] P-[6-6]-Edmond/1858-1898, ossw: P-[6-6]-Jennie/1868-1896, ossw: P-[6-6]-Ruth/1893-1956, ossw: (not on city record) P-[6-6]-Harvey/1888-1913, ossw: P-[6-6]-Edmond E./1892-[Jul.]1973, ossw: P-[6-6]-Baby/1896-1896 {** Ruth could be the same as Genoveva R. Baby could be same as John R. **}